Hi everyone.

It seems the long hot summer continues. Workers are already back to work and children start
school this week. At Maxwell English, we began lessons for our autumn term on August 25th.
Already, there have been some happenings. Mami returned to work on the 25th. She brings her
baby to the office and is allowed to work at her own pace. The air-conditioner at Hadano
school suddenly broke down last week during lessons. It was determined that the compressor
needed to be replaced. Naturally, in this heat we need an air-conditioner. Luckily, we were
able to fix it and only a few lessons were disrupted. Clancy came back from visiting his
family and friends in Australia. According to his story, he spent many days drinking beer,
eating pizza and going to parties.

Alburr had a quiet holiday but he helped me wash the Ninomiya school carpet. We carried each
carpet tile outside and washed it. After that, we soaked the tiles in a bath with detergrent
and bleach. With hundreds of students using the classrooms each week we had begun to notice
the sweat from socks going into the carpet and causing a smell. Our carpet cleaning purpose
was not only to clean but also to kill any germs. Alburr and I worked 3 days washing, soaking
and drying the carpet. I am happy to report it is now clean and smells good!

The first week back has also seen a lot of activity in our office. Some students have
consulted about changing lesson days or classes to better suit their needs. The office has
also been busy accepting new students. In the next few weeks new students will be trying
a free trial lesson. We welcome everyone.

Finally, todays’s BLOG is a kind of reporting style of sentence. Please notice how reporting
sentences blend the ‘past’ and ‘perfect’ grammar forms. The ‘perfect’ form reports what has
occurred from a past point until now with some continuing. ‘Past’ forms describe something
that is completely finished before now. Japanese learn the ‘perfect’ grammar structure in
Yr. 3 junior high school. But few really understand the situational timing to use it.







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