Autumn 2009 Greeting 2009年 秋 校長挨拶

Dear Students and friends,
株式会社MASTER was founded in February 2008. It sponsors instructor visas and takes care of
legal and accounting matters for Maxwell English School. The Ninomiya School was opened
April 1st 2008. The vision of Maxwell English is that it should be a great school for both
students and teachers. Unlike many schools where teachers arrive and quickly return to their
home countries, Maxwell English teachers are serious professionals who want to stay in
Japan a long time. Because of this, our teachers grow their teaching skills over
many years of experience and training. We make every effort to streamline a very
simple administration system so students do not pay for unnecessary costs. So very simply,
Maxwell English equals high quality lessons at low cost. Although we don’t have a long
history, there are currently more than 240 students learning English at Maxwell
English. We hope you will join our school too.

During August, we renovated the classrooms and made a new kids curriculum. We
will be implementing the new kids curriculum during the next several months. The
Australian tours were very successful and we will report about that soon.
From now, we are preparing Halloween and Christmas events. We are always trying
to make our school better. Every step is exciting!

Brett Maxwell






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