Autumn or Fall

The new term has started! Let’s speak English together!

My birthday is September 18th. Until I came to Japan my birthday was spring. The seasons
are opposite in the southern hemisphere. In Japan my birthday is autumn…or should I say

Americans and Canadians say ‘fall’ but British English is ‘autumn’. What is the difference?
I can’t say officially but this is my understanding. I think the seasons are different.
North America has very clear seasons where the trees lose their leaves. When the
leaves fall to the ground we can call the season ‘fall’. This seems different in Britain
and it is certainly different in my country, Australia. Most of Australia doesn’t have
clear seasons and the main type of trees, eucalyptus, do not lose their leaves in winter.

Leaves do not fall in Australia so the word ‘autumn’ seems natural for me. Which word
do you prefer? Both words are understood internationally so please use the word that
feels natural for you.

Every teacher promises to do his or her best for your English ability this autumn/fall.
We look forward to your lesson.

Brett Maxwell






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