Business English and TOEIC

Until now we have moslty taught TOEIC lessons as part of our MY CLASS lesson system. MY CLASS
lessons are tailor made programs for specific purposes. In addition to TOEIC, these have
included private lessons for people being transfered overseas and English for specific
industries and business situations.

Our school is now preparing to teach 2 new types GROUP LESSONS for business. The first type
of business lesson is a hybrid conversation and TOEIC preparation style. It will be called
‘Business 1’ and ‘Business 2′ according to the level. These lessons will introduce a
specific business topic, it’s vocabulary and sentence styles. After practicing the
English by conversation, students will try a variety of TOEIC questions related to that
topic. This style of lesson is designed to improve students’ communication ability in
business but also improve their TOEIC scores at the same time.

The second type of lesson is focused on TOEIC test preparation. But unlike most TOEIC
preparation courses, our course will be taught by native teachers in English. By studying
TOEIC using English, students can improve their speaking and listening ability while
also studying reading, writing and grammar structure. When students prepare for TOEIC
with Japanese teachers or text courses alone, knowledge can be improved. But these students
are often weak in areas of the test needing communicative skill. One large example of
this problem is listening comprehension. Students often spend hours learning vocabulary
but can’t hear it in the test. This is because students remembered the word with a
skewed pronunciation. As a result, when the word is spoken by a native in a fast
and natural sentence, the student can’t hear it.

I myself teach EIKEN and TOEIC. People often ask me whether it is better to study for
tests with a Japanese or native teacher. The answer is the quality of the teacher. If the
native teacher is good, it is always better to learn from a native speaker.






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