Christmas Party!

In the last several weeks many families have been affected by influenza. We have tried to
keep our school as safe as possible and thank everyone for their cooperation. In the last
week of October all kids classes had a special Halloween theme lesson. Many students came
in great costumes and everyone enjoyed the special lessons.

Now we get ready for our next event. This year’s Christmas party will be held on Sunday
December 13th. There will be three parties this year. A party for young kids in the morning,
a party for older kids in the afternoon and a party for adults in the evening. Students,
family members and friends are welcome. A limit of 100 people applies to each party so
please return your attendance form as soon as possible. We very much hope to enjoy the
end of the year together at our Christmas party. Please read in the invitation for details.

See you at the Christmas party!
Brett Maxwell



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