Clancy’s i-phone

My mother called last night. She wanted to get Clancy’s i-phone mail address. Clancy’s aunt
will visit Japan for 3 days on the way to Europe, so Clancy’s aunt wants to contact him to
arrange a time to meet. Actually, we met Clancy through the connection of my mother and
his aunt.

Clancy was able to get an i-phone last week but it was a long and difficult process. All
together, it took 3 months for Clancy to get a cell phone. The reason is that Softbank
demands payment by credit card. Most banks still reject foreigners for credit cards so we
applied for a visa card through Toyota. Finally the card came. But the Softbank application
was still very difficult because of many technical points regarding his visa. Japan is much
more convenient for foreigners compared to when I arrived 15 years ago. But some difficult
things remain. Organizing Clancy’s health insurance was also a big problem for us.

Brett Maxwell



なんとクランシーが携帯電話を手に入れるには3か月の期間を要したのです。その理由はソフトバンクが携帯電話の支払方法をクレジットカードでとお願いしてきたからでした。多くの銀行は依然として外国人が銀行のカードにクレジット機能をつけることを断りますので、私たちはTOYOTA(訳者注:車のトヨタさんはガソリンやETCの支払に便利なトヨタ TS CUBICカードというのを作っています。)を通してVISAカードを申込みました。そしてついにカードがきました。しかし、ソフトバンクの申込は彼のビザの関係で多くの厳密な規定解釈に従う問題があるとして難しいものでした。


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