Congratulations Mami

Our Ninomiya school students will be aware that our office staff, Mami Ono has taken leave
recently. I am really happy to announce that Mami gave birth to a baby girl on July 10th.
I heard the baby girl’s name is Anna (I’m sorry I don’t know the kanji for her name
yet). Everyone at Maxwell English sends their congratualtions and best wishes to Mami and
her family.

Mami is now relaxing with her husband and parents in western Japan. Mami will be back to
work soon though. Mami will begin working again at the end of August. Why did Mami work
until days before the birth? Why will she come back to work soon after the birth? The reason
is simple. Most of Mami’s work can be done at home. Mami’s role is the coordination of
schedules and communication between teachers and students. The main tools of her work are
a telephone and computer. She can do most work at flexible times too.

At Ninomiya school, Mami has her own office on the 2nd floor. When Mami begins work after
the summer vacation, she will continue to work mostly from home. But when she comes to the
office she will be able to bring her baby girl and take care of her there. The school is
only a few minutes walk from her house. Mami wants to return to work quickly so we have
created a flexible situation to fit with her family needs.

Congratulations Mami! See you in September.




出産おめでとう、まみ! 9月に会いましょう。

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