Don’t Get Sick on Sunday! 日曜日に病気にならないで!

I always tell my teachers, ‘Don’t get sick on Sunday!’ In Japan, and especially in this area,
there are big hospitals and small family operated clinics. This system is very good except
for one point. Almost everywhere is closed on Sunday. Every country has a different medical
system. In Australia and many other countries there are medical centers that are usually open
every day, and often 24 hours. Some other countries are not so convenient. For example,
France is notorious for long summer vacations where local hospitals close for long periods.
In the United States many people have no medical insurance and they can’t pay the cost of
going to a hospital. In Australia, medical centers are usually a group of about 5-15 doctors
making their own clinic. They rotate work time so that the clinic is open every day.

On Friday Sam felt sick. He went to Y Hospital. Sam took the medicine he got from
the hospital and slept. By Sunday afternoon Sam had a 40 degree fever and having difficulty
breathing. He went back to Y Hospital but it was closed. He then started driving
around Odawara looking for a large hospital. But Sam didn’t know the roads well. He got lost.
By now, having difficulty breathing, Sam began to panic and fear he might die. He telephoned
Leanne to ask for advice. Leanne advised him to go to the fire station near where Sam was
driving. From there an ambulance took him to Odawara City Hospital. We found out Sam only
had a simple tonsilitis but because Y Hospital gave him incorrect medicine on Friday
it became very serious.

Sam and most foreigners feels extra stress when they get sick in Japan; different language,
system and medicine. This time however, the biggest problem was the day.

Japan has a very good medical system…but don’t get sick on Sunday!

Brett Maxwell









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