According to our passports, Maxwell English members come from 5 countries. But actually,
Ken has roots in Singapore as well as England. Alburr has roots in Pakistan and India
as well as England. As an African American, Sam has a different tradition compared to white
Americans. Sherri’s family name is French and she has French-Canadian traditions. Leanne’s
family roots are German. My ancestors come from Ireland, Scotland and England. Mami and
Haruko are Japanese. In English, having a wide range of cultural and racial variety is
called ‘diversity’.

Last night I was talking with a student attending XXXX school. This famous school collapsed
and was taken over by a juku chain. Even so, the student complained teachers at that school
are not motivated. He is waiting to finish his long contract and start lessons with us.
I often hear stories about foreign staff being unreliable in schools and companies. What is
the reason? Are foreign people lazy and selfish? In my experience, the basic personalities
and types of people are the same in every country. The problem comes from the way of
supervising foreign staff. Japanese managers attempt to supervise foreign staff in
the same way they would supervise Japanese staff. Usually with a poor result.

Supervising a diverse staff requires international understanding and a variety of different
skills compared to only supervising Japanese. Even between Americans, Canadians, British and
Australian, all native English speakers, there are significant differences in logic. Also,
most foreign staff coming to work in Japan are in their 20’s or 30’s. Managers need to
understand the life stage and goals of staff in order to supervise them effectively.

In the future, Japanese companies must become more global in order to survive. This
doesn’t only require language skill. It requies international skill.





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