Golden Week – A crowded holiday

Because we opened 2 new schools in Hiratsuka and Hadano this year I’ve barely had time to
rest since the New Year holiday. So for me Golden Week was a chance to rest and recharge.
Golden Week is the first holiday of the warmer spring time so it is great to go out
somewhere with friends and family. But there is only one problem…the whole nation has
exactly the same plan. Japan is 1/20 the size of my country but there are so many people
living in this small land. To be honest, I try to avoid crowded places. I try to travel and
do things during low season. But in Japan, that is not always easy. At times like Golden
Week, it seems the whole country wants to do the same thing at the same time…and it gets
really crowded.

So this year I relaxed at home and watched lots of movies and TV. How about you? How was
your Golden Week holiday? Did you travel or stay home? Did you avoid the crowds or did you
spend your precious holiday waiting in crowded places? In any case, the weather was
fantastic. After a rainy and cold April I was really happy to see the sunshine.

Now the hot weather and summer begins. Our school will hold a barbeque on Sunday 30th of
this month. We’ll be handing out invitations soon. Please join us.






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