Great Tohoku Earthquake

The Japanese nation has been deeply grieved by the Great Tohoku Earthquake. All members of
Maxwell English pray for the victims and survivors of this tragedy. We will make every effort to bear the burden and effort of Japan’s recovery.

Some students and friends may be interested what happened on the inside of Maxwell English
during the first week after the earthquake. First, we wondered if we could continue lessons
without electricity and 派遣 lessons without gasoline. We wondered if students would stop
taking lessons. Then the Fukushima nuclear problem began. Some teachers became very worried
when the governments of their country and the Japanese government said different things.
Some governments such as France told their citizens to leave Japan. America said Japan was
hiding information.

By far the largest problem came from outside Japan. Many of our teachers’ parents demanded
their children return immediately. Parents in other countries believed their children were
in great danger and may be killed by earthquake, tsunami or nuclear disaster at any moment.
Parents’ concern was fueled by foreign media hysteria, replaying the same video. Actually,
there was great panic among foreigners in Japan. News reports showed airports full of
foreigners leaving. The question for foreigners was ‘Should I evacuate while I still have a
chance?’ We all knew that in case of a nuclear disaster, it would become impossible to leave.


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