Last week we conducted special HALLOWEEN theme lessons for all kids classes. The week started
very well on Friday 22nd. However, on Sunday 24th we received sad news from one of our
teachers. I have a responsibility to protect that teacher’s privacy so I won’t say the
teacher’s name or details of the tragedy. I will only say that one of this teacher’s
close family members died suddenly.

This teacher had to take the week off to take care of this personal situation. This caused
large changes in our scheduling to substitute the absence. The teachers of our school are a
type of family and the news of this tragedy affected us quite deeply. Despite this, we did
our best in rainy and cold weather to provide special and happy lessons for all our kids.
In my case, this person is not just a teacher at our school but also a close friend. This
teacher and I have worked hard to build our school. I feel very large grief from this
tragedy. This teacher is now back to work and this teacher is teaching a normal schedule.
Even so, the effects of this tragedy will affect this teacher’s personal life for a long

In this week’s blog I want to say that I respect this teacher’s guts, responsibility and
professionalism. I am honored to know and work with this teacher.





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