Introducing Sherri

The big news for us this week is Sherri. Sherri joined our teaching team on Tuesday. She will
be training with Sam for several weeks before she teaches by herself. Until now, Sherri
worked full-time in a kindergarten. Sherri is a kids’ specialist but she also has a lot of
experience teaching adults. Sherri is from Toronto in Canada. She is our first Canadian
teacher. While the Canadian accent is very similar to an American accent, there are some
small differences. By adding Sherri to our team, we now have American, Canadian, British and
Australian teachers. This is a wide variety of English styles.

We chose Sherri because she has a real passion for teaching English and doing her best for
students. Sherri has already lived in Japan several years and speaks Japanese quite well.
She enjoys living in Japan and intends to stay here a long time.

Please introduce yourself to Sherri. She is a really friendly person and a very good teacher!

Brett Maxwell




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