Japan’s Kids English Industry 日本の子供英語教育商売(part 2)


The salaries of native teachers of most large English schools such as AE-school S-school
range from 200,000-250,000 yen per month with no bonus and no posiibility of future increase.
This is not enough money to attract serious professionals. Most foreigners come for an
adventure and fun using English teaching as a way to live. They usually have no teaching
experience or qualifications before arriving in Japan. Their teaching quality therefore,
largely depends on the training of each school. Most native teachers don’t consider English
teaching their true career and don’t stay in Japan for a long time. For this reason, most
schools do not want to spend lots of time and money investing in teacher training.

In the case of small local English schools, most are owned by Japanese or foreigners married
to Japanese with no formal teaching qualifications. The owners’ lack of linguistic education
qualifications and inability to properly train teachers is the clear weak point of these

So how about Maxwell English? For us education quality is the most important thing. Our plan
is to find good native speakers already possessing teaching or language experience and then
train them over several years to become truly great teachers. Maxwell English teachers are
paid 50% more than most other English schools. At the same time, students pay much lower
fees than most other schools. This is achieved by cutting administration costs.

English schools are an education business so there naturally has to be some balance between
the education and business aspects. My opinion generally though, is that most schools
concentrate too much on the business and not enough on the education.









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