Kids need English

As part of my work with the N-town’s Education Board, today I completed a series of training
sessions with teachers from all of N-town’s elementary schools. I taught elementary
teachers about some theoretical processes of learning language but also practical teaching
techniques such as how to use gestures. Finally, I talked about the future of English in
Japan. This is an interesting topic so I want to discuss it in my blog.

I remember when the first desktop computers began to be used in offices and homes. At that
time, most people didn’t need computers for their daily work or home life. Some people were
positive about learning the new technology and some people tried to ignore it. Within just
a few years, almost everyone uses computers and the Internet every day. In fact, being
able to use a computer is critical for most jobs.

I believe the future of English in Japan will follow a similar pattern. Now, some people
learn English as a hobby but most people can avoid English and still live and work
comfortably. This will change in just a few years. The current generation of elementary age
children will need to use English almost every day when they start working, even if they
work in small local companies. English will become a necessary tool for almost every career.
The driver of this change is technology and economic integration. The current recession
will actually increase the speed of this change. Companies that try to ignore these changes
will quickly disappear.

Now I use my computer and SKYPE software to talk to my friends and family in Australia. It
is a video telephone. And it is free! Soon a cell phone will become a mobile computer. How will
these changes effect our lives? If you have an elementary age child, imagine their career
20 years in the future. Your son or daughter needs English!

Brett maxwell








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