Last Sunday’s Barbeque

Last Sunday we held our annual barbeque party. Although the weather had been rainy, the
weather cleared and we were able to enjoy a nice day by the sea. 72 students and friends
joined the barbeque.

Although the party was scheduled to start at 11:00am, we went down to Ninomiya beach at
8:30am to prepare and set up the place. At that time ‘jibiki ami’ fishermen prevented us
from entering the carpark and beach area. ‘jibiki ami’ has been occurring at Ninomiya beach
for several years now. This is nothing new and usually no problem because the beach area is
a public space. Because the beach area was so crowded and the ‘jibiki ami’ fishermen
completely closed the carpark, we decided to move the barbeque to another location.

We apologize for the trouble caused redirecting people to the new location near Kouzu. In
the end we had a really good day and were glad we changed the location. It was beautiful
and not at all croweded. Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a great day.

About the ‘jibiki ami’ fishermen, We have made a formal complaint to Ninomiya Town. They
had no right to close the beach.






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