Listening Test

Last weekend some of my students took the EIKEN test. For students growing up learning
English from native teachers, the listening section of the test is usually their easiest
portion. I also have adults students taking TOEIC listening tests. Today I will briefly
discuss listening test technique. Three basic points decide the difficulty of a listening
test. 1 is material. This is the level of vocabulary and sentence complexity. 2 is speaking
speed. 3 is the thinking time. This is the number of seconds you have to decide your answer.

A student cannot control the material or speaking speed. However, with good technique, a
student can extend thinking time by 1 or 2 seconds for each question. Extending thinking
time by only a very small amount can make a difference of 10% or even 20% in the score.
The general idea of this technique is to always read ahead. While the narrator says,
‘Question 1’, the student should already be reading question 1. After deciding the answer
to a question, do not wait. Immediately begin reading the next before speaking begins.
Not only does this technique extend thinking time, a student often knows in advance what
information he or she is listening for. And this is a big advantage.

For example, which is easier? Listening to 30 seconds of conversation and then reading a
question? Or reading a question and then listening to 30 seconds of conversation? Of course,
reading first and then listening is easier and generates a higher percentage of correct
answers. So in listening tests, always read the next question as soon as possible.



生徒は出題される内容や話される速度をコントロールすることはできません。しかしコツをつかめば、1~2秒づつ考える時間を増やすことができます。考える時間を増やしても、10~20%程度のスコアしか伸ばせません。このやり方の基本的な考え方は、常に問題文を先に読むようにすることです。ナレーターが「Question 1」と言っている時には、既にQuestion 1の選択肢を読んでいなければなりません。答えが分かったら直ぐに先に進みます。次の問題が読まれる前に次の選択肢を読み始めます。これは問題をとく時間を増やせるというだけではなく、話しての言おうとしている情報を、前もって知ることができるようになるテクニックでもあります。これは聞き手にとって非常に有利です。


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