My Mentor And Friend

Welcome Barry!

Last Friday a good friend of mine arrived in Japan. His name is Barry Garson. Barry will be
staying with me until November 29th. I first met Barry in 1998 at Palm Beach State School, a
public primary school at the Gold Coast in Australia. Barry was a 5th grade teacher, while
I was a specialist Japanese teacher. We were colleagues for 3 years and good friends since
then. Barry is more than 20 years older than me but we always enjoy spending time together.
Barry is probably the best primary school teacher I have ever seen. During the 3 years
I worked with him I learned so much about teaching. I always wished my son might have a
chance to be taught by a teacher like Barry.

Barry retired from full-time teaching earlier this year but he continues teaching
part-time. Barry is very interested in our lessons at Maxwell English. He will be visiting
some lessons this week. If you have a chance, please say hello to him. Barry also wants to
host homestays as part of the マックスウェル英会話オーストラリア体験 tour from 2010.

Please see our home page for more information about the Australia tour.

Brett Maxwell


先週の金曜日に私の親友が日本に着きました。彼の名前はバリー ガルソンです。バリーは11月29日までわたしのところに滞在します。バリーに最初に会ったのは1998年、オーストラリアのゴールドコーストにある公立学校のパームビーチ国立学校でした。



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