Even among people of the same country, there are large differnces between families and the
ways families live. In general though, It is rare for western people to live together with
their parents after they get married. In Japan, it is common to see 3 generations living in
the same house. This is the grandparents, parents and children. To be honest, I couldn’t
imagine living with my parents today. To say it even more clearly, I don’t want to live
with my parents. In just the same way, my parents don’t want to live with me. After my
son gets married, I don’t want his family to live with me either.

I’m sure there are many advantages to living together with parents. The benefits would
include sharing costs, babysitting and shared cooking/cleaning etc. As our parents get
older, they need more care. In my case, My mother wants to live independantly for as long
as possible. She enjoys her hobbies and independant lifestyle. Although my mother loves her
family, she prefers spending time with friends the same age. She doesn’t want to live
in a noisy house with young children.

We hire a cleaner and gardener to support her independant living. In my country the
government part-subsidizes the cost of home care. This helps a lot. When she can no longer
live independantly she wants to move to a ‘retirement home’. There she will have her own
room but receive necessary care. I will not take care of my mother but I have helped her
prepare her savings for future care needs.





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