Overcome and Become Better

I first came to Japan in 1991 and lived through the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Even so, this
year has a different feel compared to any I have experienced in Japan. The cherry blossoms
came and went without celebration. For our school, we spent most of April reorganizing
after the effects of the earthquake. We lost some teachers due to the earthquake, especially
when family heavily pressured them to return to their countries. At the same time, new
teachers that joined our school joined due to the earthquake. David Fox is a good example.
David had been teaching intensive business English courses to corporations for the last
several years. He has a master degree and is starting a doctorate. David’s work simply
stopped as corporations canceled their training courses. David joined Maxwell English in
late April. We also welcome Reika, a full-time administrator and teacher at
Hadano school. The student number at Hadano school has reached over 100 and full-time
Japanese admin support is now necessary.

The 2011 Maxwell English is now set and although some of the changes were not completely
planned, the new configuration makes us stronger and better than we were in 2010. This is
something similar to all Japan. We must overcome the challenges to create a better future.





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