Posting With Sam

For our new schools in Hiratsuka and Hadano we have to prepare signs, furniture, carpet,
teaching materials etc. We are also going to do some leaflet posting in the area so that
people know we have started a new school. Most of the posting will actually be done by

Recently I taught Kenneth how to do posting and last Sunday I taught Sam. We rode 50cc bikes
and sometimes walked. Although posting sounds easy, there are actually many techniques to
learn. Japanese streets are narrow and very different from streets in the United States and
Britain. At first, Sam couldn’t remember which streets he had done and which streets he had
missed. He got lost. He couldn’t find many post boxes. After a little while he got used to
the method and we worked at a good pace.

It was a beautiful sunny day. We talked and laughed about many things as we went. We spent
good time together. It was fun. Some people were surprised to see Sam and I doing posting.
One older lady shouted “Ah! kurogaijin da!!” at Sam. He smiled and said “konnichiwa”.
Some children came onto the street to say hello to the passing foreigners. Sam was happy.
He said,”We have a really good school. It feels good to introduce our school to new people.”

Sam always does his best for his students and our school. Most of all, he is a great guy
and he is my friend.





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