This week, the teachers of Maxwell English are preparing for Christmas parties to be
held on Sunday 13th. We have a younger kids party in the morning, an older kids party in
the afternoon and a party for adults in the evening. At the adults party we will make 2
teams and have a tournament doing several fun activities. The first activity is a quiz, the
second is a card game (カルタ). After that we will have a table-soccer and darts game. Of
course, we will be eating and drinking too.

These are some quiz questions I preparared for the party. A team of 9 people will
try to answer questions like this at the party.

1) Who was the American President after John F. Kennedy?
2) Which country is famous for green curry?
3) What are the native people of New Zealand called?
4) Who is Brad Pitt’s wife?
5) What is President Obama’s wife’s name?
6) Some birds cannot fly. What are 3 types of birds that don’t fly?
7) There are 3 main languages in Switzerland? What are they?

Do you know the answers?

Brett Maxwell


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