Teacher Success = Student Success

Although I am first and foremost a teacher, as principal of Maxwell English I am also a
leader of other teachers. As an English teacher my role is very clear. I help people become
successful in English. I help them reach their English goals. But how should I be as a leader
of other teachers? Last night I met a teacher that may join our school next year. We
discussed many topics about teaching English and how to make a better school for students.
We talked for more than 4 hours but it was clear early in our discussion that Mr.A has a
very different language learning experience to myself and his ideas about learning English
come from a different perspective. Yet Mr.A’s teaching style is very popular and successful
among his students and their parents. He is a true professional commited to the English
success of his students.

My conclusion was that Mr.A could create a new lesson program for Maxwell English, something
that we currently don’t have. I could package his teaching method into a distinct course.
I could use this new course to give students more course choices. I could better explain
and market the learning method and course structure speciality so that students can select
it with confidence. For me, the question of how to lead teachers is simple. Mr role is to
help them become more successful. Sometimes this means helping them learn new skills or
techniques. Sometimes this means creating a better environment or logistical support. It
always means encouraging them to grow as professionals.

Successful teachers create successful students…and this makes a successful school.





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