Thanks Haruko / Be careful Sherri

While Mami is absent I’m doing extra office work and so I don’t have time to write the blog.
I’m sorry for July’s irratic blog writing.

I speciallly want to thank Haruko for taking care of our reception and administration
duties while Mami is absent. I also want to thank all teachers for their efforts. Summer is
a difficult time to teach. The hot weather seems to drain your energy. Yet we have to give
our best efforts for students in each and every lesson. So I want to thank the teachers
for their dedication and professionalism.

The problem for teachers wanting to go back to visit their family is airplane tickets. In
this season it can be difficult to get tickets. For this reason Clancy left a few days
early. It is Clancy’s first time to go back to Australia since he came to Japan in
February 2009. Clancy teaches a number of outside lessons so he is in charge of one of
our company cars. Allowing teachers to use our cars is part of our salary package. Sherri
lives in Fujisawa and commutes by train. Because Sherri doesn’t teach outside lessons,
she doesn’t drive a company car. While Clancy is in Australia Sherri asked to borrow the
car for private use. We agreed that she could take the car home to Fujisawa and use it
privately during August. Sherri is from Canada where people drive on the right side of the
road. Even though Sherri has a Japanese driver license, she doesn’t have that much
experience driving in Japan.

Be careful Sherri…and stay on the left side of the road!!!


ハルコありがとう。 シェリー気をつけて。





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