Time To Refresh!

Maxwell English has now begun its summer vacation. I’m sorry if some students wanted to
continue studying through August but a summer vacation is important for us in several ways.

For us, Japan is a foreign country. If you have ever experienced living in a foreign country
you will understand what I am about to say. For many people, living in a foreign country
is great but in some ways, tiredness or stress can build up slowly over 12 months. Returning
to our home countries just once a year to visit family, friends and relax is a kind of
medicine. We refresh and recharge so that we can work hard and do our best again for
another 12 months.

So please look forward to a refreshed and energetic teacher after the holidays! If you
any questions about your class schedule, please check the web page or telephone.

Enjoy the summer and stay safe!

Brett Maxwell





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