Brett Austin

Brett Austin

Hello Everyone. My name is Brett Austin. I am from the city of Toronto in Canada. Yes! The weather of Toronto is sometimes much colder than here and after living in Japan for more than 12 years, I dread the thought of going back there for any Christmas visits!

If you don’t already know, I am a proud, but weary, father of a 4 years old girl named Chiharu. A truly
remarkable thing about fatherhood is that my perspective on life has changed; sometimes the simplest of pleasures can be found in the most ordinary things when looked upon as a child. Anyway, I am looking forward to experiencing new things with my family both here and in Canada, though Disneyland I can do without.

Nowadays you would find me “boardgaming” with my friends, playing with my girl, or doing some housework of some kind; of which there is never any end! I would however like to dabble in music-making down the road when free time permits.

Japan feels a lot like Canada. I feel safe and secure. There are many things to do. It’s clean and the people are usually very friendly. I often used to compare and contrast the two countries long ago to the delight of my family and friends but as the years gone by, Hadano has become my home and the desire for such has dwindled.

People sometimes ask us long-timers, what do they miss about their home country the most? What I miss the most are those absurdly sweet chocolate cakes and candies (especially candy corn and red licorice), the easy access to more plentiful foreign cuisine, perusing the English bookstores, and of course my Canadian family and friends.

Anyhoo, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Don’t be shy to say hello if you see me.