Brett Maxwell

Brett Maxwell


When I was a young boy my house was filled with sport. My father played cricket, he coached my soccer team and all my family watched sports on TV. I often played sports with my older brother. He is three years older than me. He used to invite his friends to our house and we played sports. Usually my older brother and his friend made a team against me. Of course, I always lost against two older boys. But I learned to be strong and play sports at a higher level than my age.

Soon, thanks to my father’s coaching, I became a state representative goalkeeper and received coaching from the top coaches in Australia. But when I became a teenager, I didn’t grow so tall. Professional goalkeepers are usually very tall. But also, I realized I liked all sports and didn’t want to play just one sport. I noticed I could watch a professional on TV and imitate their movement very closely. So without any coaching, I could play rugby, tennis, athletics, golf and all other sports naturally at a high level. There is no sport I can’t play.

After high school I became a PE and science teacher at a public high school. I continued playing various sports such as American football at a high level. In my 20’s I began weight training and cycling seriously, too. I have done several long cycling trips around Japan. In my 30’s I went back to university and completed two separate master degrees, but I still continued exercising as possible. Now I’m in my 40’s and own a company. There isn’t enough time to exercise regularly. I still exercise when I can and last year I went scuba diving in Australia. I want to exercise more. I need more time!!

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