Hi, I’m Haruko. I’ve worked for Maxwell English for almost 7 years. I’m the longest staff member next to Clancy. I live in Hiratsuka with my family. I have my husband, two daughters and one son. My first daughter Ayano speaks English quite well because she is interested in different cultures and has been studying spoken English seriously. You might have seen her in Anna’s costume at the Halloween Party.

I met Brett Maxwell for the first time when I belonged to an English circle. Brett used to be a teacher of the circle at that time. His lesson was so good and we enjoyed attending the class very much then. After a year, I was asked to help him to open Hiratsuka school. Since then I’ve been working as a school manager of Hiratsuka and Hadano.

My hobbies are playing badminton, watching movies, reading books, cooking and drinking. I also like people-watching. I’m very lucky because I can interact many people from different cultures, who have different thoughts and occupations because of my work. I like to meet new people too.

Recently I’m really into making short videos for YouTube. I think you often see me taking pictures or videos with my iPhone in the classes. I update our FB, Twitter, website and YouTube regularly. So please visit and enjoy them! Also I write blogs about learning English. I share good ideas and ways to improve your English skill. Check it out!

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