Hello everyone!

My name is Jim Grude, and I’m from a little country called Norway. After spending a year at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto as an exchange student, I moved to Ninomiya in February 2016.

My interests include skateboarding, kendama, making coffee, and listening to many kinds of strange music. I also enjoy studying language. Besides Japanese, I hope to learn Icelandic sometime in the future. Back in Norway, me and my friend used to brew our own beer. Now that I live close to the beach, I also hope to get into surfing.

I lived in Norway for 23 years, but I moved all over the country. From the unique white beaches and fields of my hometown in the south, to the auroras and winter landscapes in the north, to the fjords and mountains of my university town of Bergen in the west, it is truly a great destination for experiencing nature of many kinds. Just make sure to bring some extra warm socks and gloves if you decide to visit.

Living in Japan has been excellent. I feel perfectly at home here, and besides meeting great Japanese people, I also enjoy simple things about Japan that we don’t have in Norway, like convenience stores, vending machines, izakaya, karaoke, as well as delicious Japanese food. The only things I sometimes miss about Norway are real bread, cheese, sour cream, and my mom’s cooking.

Please wave your hands and say something if you see me on the street.

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