Hello Everyone.

My name is Mika Takakuwa.I’ve worked at Maxwell English since April 2017. I’m the newest staff member and I’m still learning many things!!

I was born and raised in Hadano. When I was senior in high school, I went to Missouri state in America as a foreign exchange student. I went to a local American high school which had only 2 Japanese students including me there and everyday I spoke English english english….! At first I had a very hard time getting used to it but American people are so friendly and nice and I enjoyed my American high school life.

I stayed with my host family almost a year and had a wonderful time with them. They treated me just like family and mom always call me “My Japarican(American and Japanese) daughter”.I still visit them when I have time and money.

After I came back from the states I became an English teacher for kids. I worked for 5 years and I still love teaching English!

My hobbies are traveling to overseas(mostly in America), having pets(I have a cat and a dog), eating good foods, dancing and meeting new people. I also like plants. Before I worked at Maxwell I was working at flower shop at AEON. I love making bouquet and floral arrangement. I’m good at making bouquets using many greens!

I’m very friendly and love talking to people so if you have the chance to see me at the class, please feel free to talk to me!

Thank you everyone and let’s enjoy speaking English!