Hi, I’m Nathan. I have lived in Japan for almost ten years. I originally came over here for a vacation to visit my sister but I fell in love with Japan and stayed here. I also fell in love with a wonderful Japanese girl and I will get married this month.

I come from America but I lived in many different states. I was born in California and then grew up mostly in the Washington D.C. area. I attended some of my high school in Michigan before I moved very far south to Costa Rica (where I learned to speak Spanish and surf).

I then moved to Tennessee where I would go horseback riding with my mother. After spending a little more time in other states, I moved to Spain for six months of my university time. I then returned to America for a few more years before coming to Japan.

I have started snowboarding since I came to Japan. I really enjoy the snow but I think I like taking a wonderful onsen after a long day on the slopes the most. I play soccer almost every week and I also play basketball on some weekends.

During the summer I like to go camping and occasionally hiking. I have many other hobbies as well that hopefully we can talk about when I meet everyone.

Thank you and I look forward to talking with everyone more.


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