Let me introduce myself. My name is Xu Taoli. I’m from Shanghai, China.

My major at university was business Japanese. I worked for a very large Japanese company in Shanghai for 7 years. This company’s business was metal coating paints. It was known as the world’s leader in thin film zinc flake corrosion production systems for metal parts.

During these 7 years I often visited Japan and even spent 1 year at the Japanese head office in Kawasaki. Because I oversaw sales and marketing, I often traveled around the world on business. Japan. I have been studying Japanese since junior high school and working in a Japanese environment, so I really feel Japan is my second home.

My hobbies are traveling, watching movies, photography and languages. I can speak Japanese, English, some Korean and French. I think Japan is full of endless discoveries and surprises. I’d like to see and experience more of Japan and its culture. I hope to make more Japanese friends, too.

People need interactive competence in the 21 st century and English is the tool for this communication. Whether you travel or speak to international people by PC, Ipad or smartphone, we need English.

Also, if you want to learn Chinese, I can give you Chinese language classes. Please speak to me in English, Japanese and of course Chinese any time.